Box Hedging – Fine Detailing Shadow Lines

No matter how professional you are at clipping box hedging, with clean, crisp edges and straight lines, it somehow never looks 100% ‘complete’, as in the first of these pictures.

Using a simple piece of timber – here I have used a 3m x 10cm x 10cm fence post as a guide – lay the timber on the ground (assuming an even or level site as in this example) and gently clip the underside of the hedge with the point of the shears, leaving the base looking as clean and crisp as the other sides/edges.

This technique may also be used on other ‘fine’ dwarf hedges including (for example)  lonicera nitida or ilex crenata.

This very simple Trick of The Trade never ceases to please clients, especially the first time you carry out the work – with their permission perhaps? Show them the difference and they will surely ask for that extra piece of fine detailing!

Box Hedging