Integrating Manhole Covers into Paving

We have all had the problem of trying to integrate manhole covers into paving schemes, and this site if no exception. This (unfinished) project was constructed using 600 x 600 x 50mm sawn flame textured York stone slabs with a tumbled/water worn slate pebble detail, designed by a well know Landscape Architect on a project in London.

The manhole cover in question was a Telecom unit, and although the hole it was covering was not parallel with the pattern, it was a simple matter to waterproof the hole  and re-orientate the cover to become part of the same grid.

This is a classic problem – and the end result here shows how important it is to maintain the colours, pattern and materials as the rest of the site. Any variation in any would have seriously spoilt the whole image. (It was a fairly large area, indeed, the whole front ‘garden’ was paved in this manner.)

The work involved in creating such a ‘work of art’ should not be underestimated. It ‘cost’ some eight hours of skilled workmanship to complete over and above normal laying times, each slab requiring four cuts to allow for the thickness of the cover and frame – it is not simply a case of sawing a slab! –  each manhole cover will add at least one day on the job, something that clients often do not appreciate.

Manhole covers