Protecting Your Work from Vehicle Damage

Whether it is a newly laid area of turf you have placed along  the verge of a driveway, or a freshly planted bed next to a vehicular traffic way, the very last thing you want to see is the client (or his plumber, postman or milk float) driving merrily along, one wheel on the drive, the other squashing your petunias!

The best method I have found to deter miscreants and careless drivers is to install white posts. In certain circumstances, on larger premises, these lawns may be hundreds of yards in length, and post and string defences look very untidy, especially in a wet and windy position.

Using lengths of 18mm Ree-bar or reinforcing metal available from a builders merchants, cut into lengths of approximately 75cm long (or to suit an equal division of the whole length to avoid waste). These pegs are then driven into the ground leaving around 45cm above the median levels, and tapped into an upright position.

For a builder merchant or electrical supplier, obtain 25mm square or round electrical conduit, a white plastic box or tube, which is cut into equal lengths of (say) 90cm. These tubes are then placed over the pegs or pins, leaving a clean, neat and tidy row of white pegs, all the same height. If these are spaced equidistantly, the result is an attractive visual barrier and will deter drivers from straying.

One note of caution – do not cut the metal pins too short, especially near to a public highway, as vehicles that do run over them may suffer punctures. Keep the height to around 60cm above the ground, or double check with your insurance company reference liability.

These white posts may be used many times over, with just a quick wash to restore the colour. They are easily stored and can be used in any case where a message of  ‘ground under repair’ or ‘keep off’ is required.