Getting the most out of your Landscape Library

The Landscape Library is not an encyclopedia, with an A – Z capacity to research various topics.

It is produced as a magazine, with hundreds of articles, features, publications, templates, advice notes and cross-sectional drawings, placed under Sections that are deemed to be most relevant to the likely reader requirement.

This is not to imply that a particular item is of interest solely to a particular group of people.

 Articles placed under the Designers Section for example, may also be relevant to Contractors or Consultants, and has only been posted under that section as it is deemed most likely to appeal to, or affect those seeking advice on design matters. Similarly, some of the Consultant’s Section material may be of no immediate use to a Landscaper, but may be of great interest to the reader on a personal level.

Because the Library is continually expanding and growing in various ways, with more Writers joining the project producing articles on specialist subjects e.g. Gareth Wilson writing exclusively on construction techniques and methods, and Neville Stein offering management advice to companies of all disciplines, the intention is to continue creating a magazine style resource.

I suggest, that to get the maximum benefit from the Landscape Library, you start a bespoke book with blank pages, and as you read through the various sections and articles, make a note of where you found the information (by Section and Page title) and produce your own set of notes, using information that you feel is of specific and direct use to your business practice.

As your reference notes grow, and with new articles being added to the Library all the time, you will find the solutions to your questions formulated into your own private library of important information, produced as your personal bespoke reference document.

If there are any matters that you feel have not been covered in the Library, please let me know, and I will endeavour to help you via email. If the topic is of universal interest, an article will be produced and added to the magazine.

Alan Sargent

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