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Although topics and articles are published and placed under separate sections within the Library, many of the features will be of interest to those engaged in different disciplines, and are segregated only for ease of use when browsing for a particular subject.

Many articles will encompass different areas of our work in the industry, as few projects involve only one sector; Designer, Contractor, Supplier and Maintenance Contractor will all have an interest in the life cycle of a garden, and many articles necessarily cover every part of the process in developing and creating that garden.

The Landscape Library is designed to be an every-growing source of inspiration and information.

Subscribers are encouraged to submit any relevant industry related question to the Authors, with a view to having their problem discussed in the form of a published article, written and produced Without Prejudice, which will be added to the Library, thereby constantly increasing the amount of information contained within the ‘pages’.

Articles are presented in a magazine format, each written as a ‘Stand Alone’ feature, with a beginning, middle and end, so that the information contained therein has a logical foundation. It is not intended to be an A-Z encyclopedia, but a resource of related informative essays and features to be browsed and investigated.

Written by multi-award winning authors and Industry Leaders, including Neville Stein, Marie Shallcross, Gareth Wilson and Alan Sargent, with the emphasis on sound working practices and management problem solving, all laid out in Sections for ease of reference.

The Landscape Library currently contains nearly five hundred articles and features, including full publication of all of The Survival Manuals and other published books. These may be viewed in the manner of an electronic book.

All other articles and features may be downloaded for use in your business, as a foundation for Tool Box Talks, Training or (in the case of templates) adapted for your own use. (Please note that any use of the templates is solely at your own risk)

Simply find the subject of your interest in the Contents section, click on to the relevant line then go to the chosen feature or article.

Alan and Luke Sargent

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