Welcome to the Landscape Library

Within the Library, there are various Sections, all ‘coded’ under which you will discover a series of articles, essays and features, written with that particular discipline in mind. For example, some features are primarily intended for Garden Designers, although the contents will be relevant to others, as the subjects are universal in many ways.

Others are more suited to employed staff working in Estates, but the contents may also be relevant to self-employed individuals, as we all face the same problems and issues.

Each is written as a ‘Stand Alone’ feature, with a beginning, middle and end. A problem or subject is identified, discussed and a possible solution is offered to the reader. In this manner, there are very few articles that will not touch on your particular sector in the Gardening and Horticultural Industry.

There are a very wide range of subjects to be found in The Library, but if there is ANYTHING YOU WISH TO SEE INCLUDED simply email sargent396@btinternet.com and an article will be written and published in The Library – personal copy to you first!

Suitable for Personal Training, Tool Box Talks, Staff Training and general Management ideas for your practice, Estate, business or firm, with over one hundred and fifty articles at the time of launch on January 1st 2020, the Library will grow and expand at the rate of at least six new features each month.

As the author of the majority of the articles, I must stress that I am NOT A SOLICITOR, nor do I have any Legal Training (although most of my work involves dispute cases, I act as an Independent Expert Witness, following directions from the Court).

All of the articles are written from a personal perspective. They are all written from my own experiences, and seem to have found a common favour, as I have twice been awarded Finalist of The Year in The Garden Media Guild Annual Awards (Dr Hessayon Award for Columnist of The Year) for my regular column in The Horticulture Week magazine.

I also write on a frequent basis for The Professional Gardener magazine and The Expert Witness Journal on Management and Legal Protocol matters.

Both of my hardback books are available on-line in The Library (‘The Head Gardener’s Survival Manual’ and ‘The Landscaper’s Survival Manual’, together with the softback ‘Managing As A Head Gardener or Gardens Manager’.)

The Landscape Library is totally unique! Management topics combined with practical solutions, backed with the opportunity to request Consultancy for your business area all combined into one subscription package.

Alan Sargent FCIHort MPGCA

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